Katy Perry Surprising a Sick Fan at Her Home in Australia Will Make You Sob Uncontrollably

There's no denying that Katy Perry loves her Katycats, but her latest gesture shows just how big her heart truly is. On Tuesday, the singer surprised 8-year-old Grace Moores at her home in Australia after finding out that she was too sick to attend her concert in Adelaide. According to ABC Australia, Grace was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April and is currently recovering from her recent-most surgery, which is why she couldn't attend Katy's concert.

Katy caught wind of Grace's dilemma after her older sister Tiana tweeted about it and her tweet got more than 20,000 retweets. "My baby sister is meant to attend @katyperry concert in Adelaide this year but was diagnosed with a 6cm Brain tumour and has been battling all year," Tiana wrote. "Grace has been Katy's biggest fan since she was 3, please help us try and get in contact with @katyperry xx."

Katy's management team apparently reached out to Tiana after seeing her tweet and scheduled the visit. "She sang three of her songs and she looked at our bedrooms," Tiana told ABC. "I just tried to do a little bit to get Grace to have fun. It was amazing to have no status and then to have Katy Perry here. She's a very lovely human." Are you crying yet? We are!

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