Stop Right Now and Look at These 45 Throwback Pictures of the Spice Girls

Those of us who remember buying the single may have a hard time stomaching the fact that it's been 22 years since The Spice Girls released their first hit, "Wannabe." After ruling the charts for a number of years, the girls moved on to new lives: raising families, hosting radio shows, judging TV talent shows, and ruling the runway. But we'll always have a big place in our hearts for Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger, and Posh.

Though those rumors about a reunion tour seem to have quieted down, Spice fever shows no signs of abating. All our Spice Girls dreams came true recently when SpiceUp, a touring exhibition of Spice Girls memorabilia, opened in London. It showcases costumes and merchandise from the band's heyday, and they've even got the Spice Bus from Spiceworld! If you can't make it to the UK to enjoy the festivities, we've got the next best thing: take a ride in the Spice Girls time machine, and enjoy look back at the band over the last two decades.

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