Tony Danza and Josh Groban Prove You Should Never Work With Family in The Good Cop Trailer

Never let it be said that Netflix doesn't know how to spice up a cast. The streaming service teamed up with the creators of Monk to bring us The Good Cop, starring Tony Danza and singer Josh Groban as a father-son cop duo. Yes, that's right: Danza plays Tony Sr., the "naughty cop" who has returned to the NYPD after seven years in prison, while Groban plays Anthony, his rule-abiding detective son. Groban's titular "good cop" is the obsessive, straight man to Danza's more fun-loving, streetwise style, and the duo play off one another pretty well. It's easy to believe they're family members who genuinely get on each other's nerves, something we can all understand. Watch the trailer above, and get ready to stream The Good Cop on Sept. 21!

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