50 Times Prince Harry and Prince William Were (Almost) Regular School Boys

When it comes to royal education, Prince William and Prince Harry both followed their own paths. While the Duke of Cambridge chose to enroll at the University of St. Andrews, where he ended up meeting his future wife, Kate Middleton, the Duke of Sussex put an end to his academic career by going into the military as soon as he could. But, despite these differences, the princes mostly attended the same schools, including Eton College.

Although Eton has always had a royal connection (it was set up in 1440 by King Henry VI), it hadn't been attended by royalty for many years until William enrolled there, followed by Harry a few years later. While the future king of England was part of a prestigious prefect society called Pop and left with three A levels (an A in Geography, a B in History of Art, and a C in Biology), his little brother quickly developed a reputation as class clown, and left the school with two A levels (a B in Art and a D in Geography) after dropping Art History.

Over their years at Eton, William and Harry have been photographed signing the traditional entrance book, studying, playing sports, cooking in their dorms, training in military uniforms, and even taking the stage in theater productions. Ahead, take a closer look at their time at the school, where they studied alongside British stars such as Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne.

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