7 Reasons to Binge-Watch Netflix's La Casa de las Flores

This past August, the first season of Netflix's third Mexican original series - following hits Club de Cuervos and Ingobernable - premiered. The Spanish language series, La Casa de las Flores (English translation: The House of Flowers), was described by the streaming platform as a dark comedy that "revolves around a seemingly successful and idyllic family-run flower business." And while that's true, it doesn't even begin to capture half the story.

The series starts off with the narrator, Roberta, hanging herself in the de la Moras' flower shop; this single event sets off a domino effect, which the narrator shares as her goal. The entire de la Mora family is now forced to not only deal with but actually talk about their actions and secrets, something that we might be too familiar with IRL. While in the US, the series is automatically set to English audio, it definitely makes a world of a difference watching it in the original Spanish audio - after all, that's the beauty of subtitles.

With that said, grab your favorite bottle of wine, settle down on your couch, and see why La Casa de las Flores already has a viral challenge.

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