Y'All Mind If I Thirst Over Grey's Anatomy's New "Ortho God" Real Quick?

When I found out Grey's Anatomy was adding a new "Ortho God" for season 15, I was like, "OK, cool." When I found out it was going to be Chris Carmack, I was like, "Yasss!" The seasoned TV actor - I say seasoned because he looks delicious - has been lighting up the screen and making hearts melt for years and years, so I just know he'll be a great fit with the other beautiful doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. I mean, it is going to be the "season of love," after all. In an effort to adequately prep you for the incoming beauty, I've assembled this curated collection of nice pictures of our man. Prep yourself accordingly.

From POPSUGAR Celebrity https://ift.tt/2QsyU4f


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