Jennifer Garner Gets Ready to "Lean Into the Cringe" on Camping

Jennifer Garner doesn't like not being nice. And she has to be not nice - a lot - on her new HBO series, Camping. In it, Garner stars as Kathryn Siddell-Bauers, a high-strung LA mom facing health issues. And marriage issues. And control issues. And - well, you get the drift.

"It was actually hard for me to lean into the cringe," Garner told a group of reporters at a press day for the show in LA this week. "I kept wanting to soften Kathryn . . . because I could see both sides of her in the words. I'd want to button the scene with a smile or just have a nice gesture, be maternal, just have something. And Jenni [Konner, cocreator and producer] was really strict with me, in a good way, to remember that I was Kathryn and not me."

Konner, who was seated next to Garner on a love seat, grinned: "It's hard to take the kindness out of Jenn Garner."

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Camping, which comes from the same Girls producing partnership of Konner and Lena Dunham, sees them move their attention from 20-somethings to 40-somethings. The comedy, which premieres on Oct. 14, follows a group of friends as they come together and clash over a birthday weekend in the woods.

Konner is 47, and while Dunham is still in her 30s, she still brings plenty of her own real-life experience to bear on Camping. Notably, her own experiences with a hysterectomy and endometriosis; in fact, Dunham had to drop out of the Camping press day and premiere due to her own health complications. Garner spoke to playing Kathryn - who herself is recovering from a hysterectomy - and how Dunham informed her role. Did they talk about it together?

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