105 Reader Favorites From the 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge!

Throughout 2018, POPSUGAR readers have been participating in our year-round book challenge. If you haven't been keeping track, here's the basic idea. With 40 prompts and 10 "bonus" prompts, the 2018 reading challenge has asked readers to pick up a huge variety of books, with prompts as straightforward as "a book by an author of an ethnicity different than you" and as specific as "a cyberpunk book."

There have been plenty of ideas to keep our Goodreads group busy all year long! We've gotten to discover books that we wouldn't have otherwise, and, even better, we've gotten to share them with other book-lovers. As the year winds down, our readers are answering the biggest prompt of all: what was your very favorite book you picked up in the challenge? Click through our gallery below to see what our readers had to say, and stay tuned for the upcoming 2019 Challenge!

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