15 Alex Karev Moments That Prove He's the Best Character on Grey's Anatomy

Besides Meredith, Alex Karev has one of the darkest and twistiest character arcs in all of Grey's Anatomy. One of the original five interns, he starts off with humble roots as the frat boy of his cohort, or as Cristina dubs him, "Evil Spawn." His character grows throughout the series's record-shattering run, and now we've even seen him as interim chief! Seriously, we bet you've shed a tear (or a hundred) watching Alex take care of Izzie or reconciling with his mother. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's as pretty as McDreamy! While the show is called Grey's Anatomy, we thought it'd be proper to pay homage to Meredith's person. Read on to see our favorite Alex moments that made us sob, laugh, and everything in between!

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