Anna and the Apocalypse Is Easily Hollywood's Most Unique Zombie Movie - Watch Our Exclusive Clip!

Just when we thought we'd seen everything the zombie genre had to offer, Anna and the Apocalypse arrived with a fresh - and deeply gory - new perspective. Although the film includes plenty of undead blood and guts, it's also 1.) technically a Christmas movie, and 2.) a musical. Wild, right? In it, a zombie apocalypse blossoms in the small town of Little Haven over the holidays, forcing Anna (Ella Hunt) and her friends to battle for survival against their newly zombie-fied loved ones while also belting out original songs.

Something tells us the minds of Rick, Michonne, and the rest of The Walking Dead crew would be totally blown. Watch our exclusive clip above before Anna and the Apocalypse premieres on Nov. 30, then check out all the other films we're excited to see this month.

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