Do You Actually Know Who the Queen's Friends Are? Here's Her Inner Circle

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth, there are a few companions who are at her side in nearly every photo. There's her husband of 70 years, Prince Philip, and, of course, her famous and beloved corgis. Being royalty seems like it's a pretty lonely life - after all, who can really relate to being a literal queen with a history that spans being a WWII mechanic to the cool grandma we all wish we had? But even a queen makes time for her friends! Some of her earlier friendships, like with "Porchie," her lifelong friend and fellow horse enthusiast, have already been depicted in fiction like The Crown, but others remain much more low-key.

For the people, aristocratic and not, who form Queen Elizabeth's inner circle, loyalty, respect, and discretion are key, as with anyone who befriends members of the royal family. Many of her closest friends are tied to her through the extensive Windsor and Mountbatten family trees, while others began as total strangers. Get to know them all ahead.

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