Sarah Ferguson Considers This Her Proudest Moment at Princess Eugenie's Wedding

Sarah Ferguson is one proud mother! Nearly a month after Princess Eugenie's wedding to James Brooksbank, the Duchess of York opened up to Daily Mail about some of her favorite moments from the big day. While she admitted that she never really understood why mothers of the bride cried during wedding ceremonies, it all became clear to her when she watched her own daughter walk down the aisle. "It's because it's so amazing to think your daughter is now grown up, leaving home and starting her own life," she said.

In fact, it didn't take too long before she started tearing up. "I'd just sat down in the chapel and everyone saw me go 'Phew' because I'd managed not to slip over in my high heels; then I looked across and saw my sister [Jane], and I watched her face and there were tears - and I'm doing it again, I'm welling up now," she said.

While the day was incredibly emotional for her, she admitted that she was especially proud of Eugenie for showing off scars from her scoliosis surgery. "My proudest moment was watching Eugenie standing tall, very proud to show her scoliosis scar in her low-backed dress," she said. "I'd gone to all the fittings and sat there beaming with delight, and because there was no veil it was a very strong statement." See more photos of Sarah at Princess Eugenie's wedding ahead.

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