The Walking Dead Is an Entirely Different Universe Post-Rick - Here's What Changed

Warning! Spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead below.

Rick Grimes may be gone, but The Walking Dead lives on. The first episode of the series' post-Rick universe aired on Sunday night, and it introduces a number of changes. Appropriately titled "Who Are You Now?," the episode basically acts as an introduction to this new world featuring both old faces and new, as well as a plethora of untold stories itching to be uncovered.

Not only have the characters changed over the six-year jump, but the communities have as well. Alexandria is being led by a safety-oriented council, the Kingdom is ruled by King Ezekiel and Queen Carol, and Hilltop is a big question mark in the distance. With the addition of several new characters, whether they be friend or foe, there's a lot going on. If you're wondering exactly what changes occurred over the six-year time jump, keep reading. We've got everything you need to know ahead.

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