This High School Dance Team Is SO Talented, We Cannot Stop Watching All the Videos

There are high school dance teams, and then there's The PAC dance team at Walden Grove High School in Arizona. These kids are so ridiculously talented, each of their dance routines is more impressive than the last and makes you think, "Damn, I wish my school assemblies were that much fun." The PAC brought us the viral Harry Potter dance routine we never knew we needed - it racked up more than two million views in just over a week.

They've come up with plenty of other mind-boggling choreography themes over the years, too (and um, oh yeah, they performed on America's Got Talent). From a Wizard of Oz-themed homecoming performance to a six-minute dance dedicated to all things Pixar, these routines are so damn good. Watch some of the dance team's best videos ahead, and prepare to become obsessed.

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