Have a Riverdale Holiday: 25 Gifts That Even Sassy Cheryl Blossom Would Adore

Listen up fives, a ten is speaking. So you have a friend who is obsessed with Riverdale's Cheryl "Bombshell" Blossom? Of course. She's the red-headed queen of Riverdale, and everyone else is simply living in her kingdom. So here's the wheels, Baby Jane, if you really want to score some extra friendship points, you're going to need a gift guide to find the best Cheryl-inspired presents. After all, it's going to take a lot more than mere admiration to get on her level of elan. Keep reading to see some of the most fabulous Blossom holiday gift ideas fit for the biggest Cheryl stans.

From POPSUGAR Celebrity https://ift.tt/2SVcObG


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