If You Haven't Seen (or Heard of!) These 2018 Movies Yet, That Needs to Change

With the constant onslaught of content Hollywood seems to be flinging at us all year long, it's easy for plenty of good stuff to get lost in the mix. This is especially true for TV, which is more saturated with shows than ever, but it's also true for films! In 2018, there were so many great movies that simply did not get their time in the spotlight. Whether it was a small, limited release, less-than-great marketing, or the daunting shadow of a bigger blockbuster's release, we've picked out a handful of titles that sort of came and went. They may have slipped through the cracks once, but we're here to bubble them back up for you. Pay special attention; some of these are already getting award season recognition!

From POPSUGAR Celebrity https://ift.tt/2BZ5e9u


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