The Princess Switch: I Watched Netflix's So-Bad-It's-Good Christmas Movie So You Don't Have To

For those of you who've ever had a few too many glasses of spiked hot cocoa and found yourselves wondering what The Parent Trap would've been like if it was written by a Christmas-obsessed robot and also made zero sense, then you're in luck: Netflix's The Princess Switch is now streaming, and it's a real treat.

The latest in the streaming giant's collection of so-bad-they're-good holiday romances - A Christmas Prince, A Christmas Inheritance, the list (miraculously) goes on - stars Vanessa Hudgens as Chicago baker Stacy, who ends up meeting soon-to-be princess Lady Margaret who looks exactly like her (also played by Hudgens, of course). Naturally, the two decide to trade places (because duh), which results in a whole ton of cringe-worthy, nonsensical mischief.

To sum things up: nothing makes sense, the snow is very clearly fake, the forced British accents are brutal, and the plot includes a particularly dumb name for a fake country. However - HOWEVER - that's all part of the fun of watching these movies, right? Armed with a bottle of red wine, I decided that, despite my eyes rolling out of my head and onto the floor immediately after reading the premise, I needed to see what antics Stacy would get up to.

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