The "Thank U, Next" Video Is So Monumental, It Broke the YouTube Comments Section

Did anybody book a conference room 15 minutes before the premiere of the "Thank U, Next" video? No, just me and a few coworkers? Regardless of how and where you watched the video when it dropped on Friday, you contributed to the monumental numbers. Just a couple hours after the video went live, YouTube announced that it "broke the internet (or at least delayed YouTube comments from posting for a bit)."

Within five hours of the premiere, the video garnered over 14 million views and 200,000 comments on YouTube. Some fans claim it broke the record for the fastest video to receive one million likes on the streaming site. "Thank U, Next" took 33.9 minutes, reportedly taking the spot of "Fake Love" by BTS, which took 39 minutes. We are all Kris Jenner in the audience with our Camcorder cheering on Grande. Keep reading for the stats from YouTube.

From POPSUGAR Celebrity


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