Watching Katy Perry Outbid a Fan For a Date With Orlando Bloom Will Make You Cringe

Imagine this: You're at a charity auction and you've just bid on a date with your celebrity crush. The date includes lunch and a motorcycle ride, and at the moment, you're the highest bidder. Sounds perfect, right? Now imagine his jealous girlfriend swooping in and stealing the date right from under you - harsh, no? Well, that's exactly what went down at the One Love Woolsey Fire Fundraiser in Malibu, CA, on Sunday.

After taking the stage for a performance, Katy Perry auctioned off a date with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. "You're holding him in a way that I am not excited about," Katy said as she described the date. "You're holding his pecs and his six-pack - and it's so glorious! You get to hold on to Orlando for about 45 minutes . . . and then, you get to stare into his brown eyes!"

Naturally, an excited fan bid $20,000 on the once-in-a-lifetime experience and she almost won it - that is, if it hadn't been for Katy. As the winner was about to be declared, Katy jumped in and put a kibosh to the whole thing. "Laura, I'm sorry. I'm buying it for $50,000," she said before dropping her mic and walking off stage. Yikes! We wonder what Orlando had to say about that.

From POPSUGAR Celebrity


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