Beyoncé Was Spotted Shopping at Target, and Chrissy Teigen Seems to Know Why She Was There

Target has become a shopping mecca for many people around the world, and it's easy to see why. It's a one-stop shop for affordable household items, food, toys, and toilet paper. But one person who we'd never expect to run into there is the queen herself, Beyoncé. Given that Bey has a reported net worth of $355 million and, well, she's Beyoncé, we'd figure she'd surely have someone who goes on Target runs for her. But then again, if there's one thing she's taught us, it's to always expect the unexpected, and the unexpected is exactly what a fan got when she spotted her shopping at her local LA Target on Monday (also Miss Blue Ivy Carter's seventh birthday).

In the photo - which looks like the fan snapped while lying on the ground after she collapsed from shock - Beyoncé wears a stunning orange jumpsuit complete with white sunglasses. Just your everyday Target outfit, you know? While Beyoncé was clearly walking in the baby aisle, Chrissy Teigen seemed to know the real reason why she was there. "Beyoncé you are so silly," Chrissy tweeted shortly after the photo surfaced. "I can just send you my new knives!!" LOL!

Given that Chrissy's new Cravings kitchenware line recently launched at Target, there is a possibility that Beyoncé scooped up some items. Or maybe she was shopping for a birthday gift for Blue? Still, it's not the first time Beyoncé has been seen at Target, so maybe she's just a regular shopper like the rest of us.

From POPSUGAR Celebrityé-Shopping-Target-Picture-January-2019-45657568


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