Missy Elliott's "Funky White Sister" Is Back on Ellen - This Time, She Performed Nicki Minaj!

Can someone please get this woman a record deal?! Last year, the internet blessed us with Mary Halsey - self-proclaimed Missy Elliott's "funky white sister" and a Rhode Island-based woman with a plethora of dance moves - and according to Mary, she's got "a lot more than 15 minutes" of fame. After Missy surprised Mary on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a performance of "Work It" back in September, Mary added a few more songs to her lineup and this week, she performed the hell out of a hit from Nicki Minaj.

On Wednesday, Mary returned to The Ellen Show with a new purple hairdo and a positive outlook on life to discuss what's been going on since her last appearance. But the minute she hit the stage and belted out Nicki's "Anaconda," the crowd erupted. Watch the iconic video ahead.

From POPSUGAR Celebrity http://bit.ly/2Uu5zYa


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