The Twins Who Played Emma on Friends Are All Grown Up and in Jordan Peele's New Movie!

The One Where Emma Geller-Green Grows Up! From the moment she entered this earth, Ross and Rachel's baby on Friends was notorious for loving the song "Baby Got Back" and sadly, for taking the name Monica originally chose for her future daughter. Now, the twin actresses who played Emma are all grown up, and they're starring in Jordan Peele's new thriller, Us. Noelle and Cali Sheldon are 16 years old, and although they've appeared in many short films since the beloved series ended in 2004, their upcoming role in Peele's film is bringing them back into the spotlight. It's unknown who the twins will play in the movie, but both Noelle and Cali shared the trailer on their Instagram pages, sharing how excited they are to be a part of the film.

Recently, Friends fans freaked out after realizing that Rachel and Ross's baby girl would be turning 18 next year! "Ok so I was watching Friends last night and Ross was filming a tape for Emma's 18th birthday and Chandler says the line, 'Hi Emma. It's 2020. Have you woken up from your nap yet?' And it just dawned on me that 2020 is NEXT YEAR. Emma would be 18 NEXT YEAR," one person wrote in a now-viral tweet. We wonder if she still likes Sir Mix-a-Lot?! Ahead, find photos of the Sheldon twins all grown up, and prepare to gush over the present-day photos of them at Central Perk.

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