You Probably Thought These 15 Actors Were American - Actually, They're Just Really Good at Accents

How many times have you watched an entire movie, or binged a series of a new TV show, without realizing that a member of the cast - all of whom are speaking in American accents - is actually not American at all? Sometimes stars can go their whole careers mostly playing parts that have absolutely nothing in common with their upbringing. When Christian Bale stepped up at the Golden Globes to accept an award recently, some people were shocked to learn he speaks with quite a strong Southern English accent . . . and he's just one of many who've successfully pulled the wool over our eyes. Hollywood is full of stars from other countries, often Brits and Aussies, who can do a really convincing American accent. Given the size of the film and TV business in the US, it's no surprise that sometimes casting directors look further afield when they're looking for the next star of a new hit TV show or blockbuster movie, but how many of these 15 stars did you know about?

From POPSUGAR Celebrity


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