Arya Serious?! It Looks Like Game of Thrones Oreos Are Coming Soon

I may not be the mother of dragons, but I'd like to be known as the mother of Oreos. I consider my hidden talent finishing off a sleeve in one sitting, preferably while binge watching my favorite shows. So imagine my delight when I heard rumors about Game of Thrones-themed Oreos. According to Instagram user and possible food detective, @candyhunting, the chocolate sandwich cookies will hit shelves before the HBO's show final season premiere on April 14.

It looks like won't be any changes to the traditional Oreos, but they will be decked out in dark packaging, showing off the names of House Targaryen, Lannister, and Stark. This appears to be the latest in GoT's "#ForTheThrone" campaign, which already resulted in an Urban Decay collection and a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial.

From POPSUGAR Celebrity


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