I Can't Walk in a Straight Line, But Halsey Is Out Here Singing and Painting at the Same Time

I just love when celebrities remind me of my inferior artistic capabilities. Halsey is the latest star to indirectly tell me, "Look how much more talented I am than you!" During her Saturday Night Live performance of "Eastside," the 24-year-old singer - who was also the host - belted out the tune while painting a monster-size portrait . . . upside-down. I'm not kidding - she sings and creates an entire work of art within four minutes. It's pretty reminiscent of her 2016 commercial for MAC Cosmetics in which she also coated a canvas with a beautiful illustration while her song "Colors" played.

Although I recognize that I'll never reach that level of artistry, I can still appreciate Halsey's mesmerizing SNL performance, which you can (and definitely should) watch above!

From POPSUGAR Celebrity http://bit.ly/2TCazKh


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