Someone Photoshopped Nicolas Cage's Face on Ross From Friends, and You CAN'T Unsee This

Today is the day that you begin the impossible task of distinguishing Ross Geller from Nicolas Cage. Some evil genius decided to photoshop Cage's face onto David Schwimmer's in a Friends scene, BuzzFeed pointed out after discovering a Reddit thread from spaghetticondom. The result? A Ross Geller that looks exactly like Ross Geller but is actually Nicolas Cage. I hate to break it to you, but they're essentially the same person.

The deed was actually done by YouTube user derpfakes, who has superimposed Cage's face on a bunch of famous characters before - a wild ride of deepfakes worth exploring at a later time. The particular Friends scene is from season four, episode seven ("The One Where Chandler Crosses a Line"), when Ross plays his music for the gang. The YouTuber swapped everyone's faces with Cage's, but the Ross swap is the only one that's causing a meltdown. Watch the video ahead, and prepare to be genuinely perplexed. Looks like a beer thief in the UK isn't the only person with a striking resemblance to Schwimmer.

From POPSUGAR Celebrity


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