The Bachelor: Kirpa's Chinjury Is No Longer a Mystery! Here's What Happened in Thailand

The Bachelor franchise is not afraid to keep things from fans. Like, do the contestants get to work out during the show? Why does Colton Underwood shower five times per episode? And the biggest mystery of all: WHAT HAPPENED TO KIRPA'S CHIN? The 26-year-old dental hygienist randomly appeared in Monday night's episode with a bandage on her chin, after what I like to call: a chinjury. After a two-hour episode with zero explanation, we're finally getting some answers, and it sounds painful.

In a clip of a deleted scene from Monday night's episode, Kirpa says, "Thailand's f*cked me up, not in a good way." She explains the brutal situation and what happened when she took a tumble in an effort to "be basic" and get the photo. "Five stitches later and a sprained wrist, and here I am!" she said. Hey, at least she's staying positive. Watch the video ahead, and see how other confused Bachelor fans reeled over her chinjury mystery.

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