Everything That Has Happened Since the Jonas Brothers Reunited

The Jonas Brothers are back together again, and suddenly, everything is right in the world. From 2006-2013, Kevin, Joe, and Nick made teenage girls fall head over heels with their catchy love songs and swoon-worthy voices, and now they're taking things to a whole new level with their epic reunion. Suddenly, grown adults are reverting back to teenagers as they pull out their old concert shirts, blast "Year 3000" to full volume, and rehang their Tiger Beat posters on their walls.

While the brothers have certainly come a long way since their Disney Channel days, some things haven't changed at all. Not only do they still know how to write a catchy tune, but they haven't lost their witty sense of humor either. The brothers have been giving us flashbacks to their old YouTube sketches as they post hilarious videos on social media to celebrate their return.

As you emotionally prepare yourself for their comeback, we've created a handy guide to help you keep up with their epic reunion.

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