Goose the Cat Is Paw-sibly Our Favorite Character in Captain Marvel, For Good Reason

Marvel's newest hero makes her debut in the exciting new film, Captain Marvel, but it turns out Carol Danvers isn't the only superstar in the film. Goose, the adorable tabby that follows Carol around on her adventures on Earth, has stolen the hearts of many Captain Marvel viewers with just a swish of his tail.

Technically, Goose is what's known as a "Flerken," which is a race of aliens that just happen to look like the average house cat. We can't decide if the fact that Goose can swallow a whole Skrull-sized alien by snagging them with the tentacles from his mouth is terrifying or just plain badass. But either way, it's just one of the reasons we love him so! He also happens to be one of the few beings who can keep track of the Tesseract for more than five minutes, even if it's because he swallows it.

Keep reading to see just how popular Goose already is with Captain Marvel fans!

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