Hannah Brown Is ABC's Newest Bachelorette, and People Aren't Sure How to Feel

Tuesday night not only marked the end of Colton's run as the Bachelor, but also the beginning of Hannah Brown's reign as ABC's newest star of The Bachelorette. Once Chris Harrison was done getting the scoop about Colton and Cassie's relationship - they're not engaged, Colton probably isn't a virgin anymore, and the couple now know who Air Supply is, whether they wanted to or not - the host revealed that Hannah is indeed on a journey of her own to find her own "fierce love."

Although the former Miss Alabama definitely made a splash during Colton's season (most notably for striking up a feud with fellow pageant girl Caelynn and for her habit of roaring on camera), the announcement that she'd be taking over the spot previously held by last season's Becca Kufrin still came as quite a shock to a bunch of fans in Bachelor Nation. Making matters worse was the fact that Hannah seemed extremely overwhelmed by everything on Tuesday night's "After the Final Rose" special, stumbling over her words and taking a number of lengthy, nervous pauses in between Chris Harrison's questions.

"I feel all the emotions, but honestly I'm just really grateful for this opportunity," the 24-year-old Alabama native said on the show, before adding that her "family has been really supportive of me and is really happy."

While, yes, some people are disappointed Tayshia or Hannah G. didn't get the Bachelorette title instead, there are definitely Hannah B. fans out there who are looking forward to her season. Keep scrolling to see how Bachelor and Bachelorette audience members have been reacting to the big announcement on Twitter!

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