People Are Photoshopping Their Own Cats Into Captain Marvel Posters, and It's Purr-fection

Captain Marvel has given us a lot of unexpected things: a newfound appreciation for Nine Inch Nails, the No Doubt song "Just a Girl" stuck in our heads on a loop, and a deep obsession with a deadly alien named Goose, who happens to look like a cuddly little house cat. It's the latter aspect of Marvel's latest superhero romp that has inspired not only a slew of memes dedicated to Goose, but also some truly adorable (and hilarious) stabs at Photoshop.

On Saturday, Twitter user @doryheartsbooks pointed out that the hashtag "#캡틴마블_우리집구스" had started trending in Korea, and featured a bunch of Captain Marvel posters, only with people's own real-life cats edited into the frame to take Goose's place.

From derpy faces to big Disney princess eyes, every cat in these improvised posters is cuter than the last. Check them out ahead!

From POPSUGAR Celebrity


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