Coachella Put Beyoncé's Pyramid Stage From Last Year on Display - Her Impact, Y'all!

In today's "Beyoncé is a bona fide icon" news, Coachella has decided to commemorate the 37-year-old singer's historic performance that she put on at last year's festival. The same pyramid stage that she flawlessly sang and danced on during her two-hour set is now on display at the Indio, CA, venue. Although Beyoncé isn't expected to return this year, her presence will still be felt as attendees snap pictures in front of the platform, which can be located on the camping map.

Bey's performance - which was basically one giant ode to HBCUs - was such a significant cultural occurrence that she's teaming up with Netflix to bring fans a documentary about the show. The film, Homecoming, will allow viewers to follow along as Beyoncé and her team prepare for the giant Coachella production. So even if you're unable to see the pyramid stage in person, you can at least watch how it came to be when Homecoming drops on April 17!

From POPSUGAR Celebrityés-Coachella-Pyramid-Stage-Display-April-2019-46025624


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