LOL! Joe Jonas Is Jokingly Shocked at Sophie Turner Posing With Her Old Game of Thrones Fiancé

King Joffrey and Sansa Stark's love lives on!

OK, not really. But on April 3, former Game of Thrones costars Jack Gleeson and Sophie Turner - who played the two characters, respectively - did reunite at the NYC premiere of the show's eighth and final season. Although Joffrey and Sansa's romance ended earlier on in the HBO fantasy series (due to - spoiler - Joffrey's death, among other things), Jack and Sophie still seem to be pretty close.

At the premiere, the two posed for a picture as Sophie wrapped her arms around her former onscreen fiancé. But her real-life fiancé, Joe Jonas, is also in the snapshot, jokingly looking all sorts of confused. "Awkward," Sophie captioned the playful photo. Joe also hopped in the comments section, writing, "WTF, I thought this dude was dead... #KingJoffrey."

Of course Joe has nothing to worry about as he's the one who really has Sophie's heart. The two - who have been dating since 2016 - are set to get married this Summer, and the ceremony will reportedly take place in Europe (without any Lannisters in sight).

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