Skip the Beach and Binge-Watch One of These 20 Summer Netflix Movies

OK, sure, there are the obvious things we get excited for when Summer rolls around: beach days, numerous trips to our local ice cream shop, and many over-the-top picnics with friends. But let's be honest, some Summer days (and nights!) are worth spending on the couch, binge-watching a Summer-themed movie on Netflix with the AC on high. Why take a trip to the beach for the seventh day in a row when you could vicariously live through someone else doing so on the big screen (sans the heat, sweat, or struggle to find a parking spot)?

Scroll through for a binge-watcher's guide to the best Summer movies of 2019, including everything from romantic comedies and dramas to thought-provoking documentaries and thrillers based on true stories. We promise, there are enough to get you through the entire Summer - you know, when it's just way too hot to make it out of the house.

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